Having consulted for La Cuccina for years and literally living around the corner, I have been lucky enough to sample a lot of their delicious food. Being a working mom and a fairly sociable person, I love to have people round…but with very little of the fuss! I don’t really enjoy cooking and enjoy cleaning even less. When my 40th birthday came along, my go-to-place for catering was of course La Cuccina. Being a vegetarian I thought a curry theme would work well as everyone would enjoy a variety of vegetarian curries.

Ian and team prepared the mushroom nut curry as well as the chickpea and spinach curry – and all of the sambals of course. The added bonus was that they lent me all the dishing up bowls and crockery! My favourite meal of all time is the mushroom nut curry as it bursts of flavour, and has that creamy yummy indulgent consistency. My guests were so happy, most of them going for second helpings. The only downside was that I had no leftovers!

~ Claire Coetzee