Trump and Timbal La Cuccina Blend 350g


La Cuccina Cafe Blend: R350/kg (free delivery)
350g fully compostable soft pack: R128

An Italian inspired espresso blend with a contemporary twist.
Designed for the launch of La Cuccina at the Josephine Mill, this blend is a sentimental ballad to the syrupy Italian espresso blends from days of yore. A blend of Arabicas from Uganda and Peru, with a rich, full-bodied Ugandan robusta to give you tons of crema and great intensity in milk. Look out for in-your-face chocolate and carob flavours with a refreshing twist of orange zest and a looooOooooong lasting toffee finish. An unmistakeable hug in a cup the way only La Cuccina knows how. All the coffees in this blend are ethically sourced and were grown using environmentally-minded farming practices.